Eliminate project delays with timely access to information


Hit sales & marketing targets with full access to pricing, promotions & customer engagements


Eliminate workflow bottlenecks before they occur


Reduce risks through rapid analysis of performance trends, variances, and anomalies


Boost precision for corporate messages with unified data access


Improve strategic outcomes with aligned data discovery dashboards

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Olga Klimovaprincipal BI consultant

I run Return on Intelligence, a consulting firm that offers value-focused Business Intelligence solutions to enterprise businesses through reporting and analytics.

With an innovative approach that saves money and time, I’ve helped a dozen organizations streamline their data, access the information they need, and get business results. The robust business intelligence solutions that result from my innovative approach serve businesses for years & help them get a great return on their investment.

I grew up in Russia. My father, a Ph.D., professor and an early IT adopter, instilled in me a passion for computers. Since grade school, I knew what I want to be. I earned a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from South-Russian State Technical University in 1991. In 2001 I moved with my family to Canada, and now live in Flamborough, Ontario.

Before starting Return on Intelligence Inc. in 2005, I spent 15 years working as a software developer, data architect and business analyst. For the last 10 years I served as a BI consultant and architect for companies in supply chain, banking, financial, insurance, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

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Olga has a rare listening skill and asked the right questions that were very pertinent to the project. I was very impressed with her delivery style that was empowering and made communication and therefore the outcomes easy to achieve. Right from the start there was great rapport and understanding of the project. Thank you Olga for an awesome job!!!
Brahm Memone

Manager Financial Reporting, Packaged Ice Cream,Hamilton Health Sciences Center  

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